Fond Farewell to our Executive Director Leslie Foren

Fond Farewell to Leslie Foren
It is with a heavy heart but with much thanks that we say farewell to our Executive Director, Leslie Foren. Leslie is leaving Elders in Action after 13 years to explore new opportunities. One of our staff members really captured our feelings.
“Sure, she’s articulate, organized, a great manager and fun to work with. But, ultimately, what makes her so very special – is that she’s real and she cares and you can feel that whenever she’s in the same room. There’s a humility and calm that comes with true integrity.”
Please join Elders in Action board, staff, volunteers and partners for an informal send-off on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm at the Elders in Action office (1411 SW Morrison St., Suite 290, Portland, OR).  There will be special tribute at 3:30 pm.
RSVPs are appreciated but not required.
Call 503-235-5474 or by email.

Elders in Action’s Position on City of Portland Street Fees

              From the west hills to the eastern border of the City of Portland we have gaps in our sidewalk system, dangerous crosswalks along major arterials and inaccessible transit stations making travel difficult and dangerous for a large portion of our population. Older adults and people with disabilities using canes, walkers or mobility devices require safe sidewalks, ADA access ramps and well-timed and maintained crosswalks to access the services provided by retail, medical and entertainment establishments in the City.

In the tri-county area, between 2010 and 2030, Metro projects a growth of 106% in the number of those aged 65 and older compared to an increase of 34.6% in the region’s population overall. Both the City and Multnomah County have adopted the Age Friendly Action Plan focusing on future development and activities that foster physical, social, and service environments that make Portland and the County attractive and accessible to all ages and abilities. An important recommendation of this plan is to “dedicate appropriate funding to create an accessible and integrated transportation system that meets the needs of a rapidly aging population”.
Since May of 2014, two city work groups and an advisory committee, formed by the Mayor and Commissioner Novick, have worked with Portland Bureau of Transportation staff and City Council to revise the proposed Transportation User Fee. Some workgroup members have strongly advocated for the majority of funds generated by such a fee or tax to be used from “curb to curb” for maintenance of pavement. Only 25% of the funds, they suggest, should be allocated to safety improvements. It is important to note that while this allocation scheme benefits automobiles it does not address the needs of pedestrians and alternately-abled individuals in the City.
All parties involved in the revision of the proposed Transportation Fee agree that any new transportation funding should allocate revenue to both maintenance and safety improvements to our city’s transportation system. City Council will ultimately decide how best to proportion the dedication of these funds. It is our hope that the final distribution scheme weighs equally the needs of those travelling by foot or using mobility devices with those travelling by car. We strongly encourage Council to establish a 50-50 funding distribution between maintenance and safety projects as part of any new transportation funding scheme.

Leslie Foren
Executive Director
Elders in Action

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