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Businesses are an integral part of our communities. They play a critical role in employing and serving our community members, and shaping the spaces in which we live. This Network is a growing cadre of businesses and organizations in the Portland metro area committed to serving and engaging people of all ages at the highest level to build a truly Age Friendly community.

Age Friendly Committed Business

Hundreds of businesses throughout the Portland area have been involved in our program over the past 20 years. See a list of them here!

Recently revamped, we have moved our program from a certification-based program to a membership based Network. This network of businesses demonstrates its commitment to age-friendly business practices that include:

  • Accessibility within business interiors and exteriors, and the embrace of practices such as Universal Design
  • Excellent customer service regardless of one’s age (awareness of Ageism)
  • Good signage and print materials (including websites)
  • Good lighting
  • Customer outreach that is inclusive of a growing population of older adults
  • Age-Friendly Employment practices (seeing the value of older adult employees, and fostering a work culture that values an intergenerational workforce)

Join the Network!

Elders in Action provides evaluations, training, online resources and networking events for your business – and we work with partners throughout the community to showcase the innovate work you do.

We would be thrilled to count you among a growing movement of socially conscious businesses and organizations recognizing the value of people of all ages.

Click HERE to find out more about our program, or contact Shanna Pittman-Frank at shanna@eldersinaction.org or 503.595.7590.

If you are interested in becoming a  volunteer in the Age Friendly work of Elder’s in Action, let us know! Together we can build a community where quality of life never depends on age.