Age Friendly Business

The network is a growing group of businesses and organizations in the  Portland metro area aware of our aging population and committed to engaging people of all ages at the highest level.

AF Color Logo with Low ResAge Friendly Business Practices

We offer educational programs on what it means to be an Age Friendly Business, how simple changes can improve your engagement with older adults and what to look for when viewing you business or organization from this valuable perspective. We work with healthcare providers, small businesses, community organizations and large retailers.

Certified Age Friendly Business

A number of organizations are Age Friendly Certified. This group has been evaluated by a team of Age Friendly evaluators and received feedback on best practices and opportunities for improvement. These businesses have made a significant commitment to our aging population and are recognized by displaying the Certified Age Friendly decal at their business, on their materials and website along with being listed on our online directory.  Go to our Certified Age Friendly Business Directory to see a list of these organizations. If you would like to find out how your business or organization can become a part of this program please contact us at If you are interested in educating our community on Age Friendly practices volunteer. Together we can build a community where quality of life never depends on age.