Current Cases That Need Assistance!

Note: If you prefer the person you are calling to not see your number displayed or be able to call you back, press *67 before you dial the number.

* The password is eia2019 to open adobe formatted cases.

1230 Woman of 68 Multnomah, North Portland 97203 requesting assistance communicating with social security (in-person) to obtain deceased husband’s benefit
1469 man of 76 Washington County, 97123 Requests assistance communicating (via phone calls and in-person) with property manager and contractor to finish repairs due to water damage in his apartment.
1442 declined DOB Multnomah, Northeast Portland 97230 Clients requests assistance reviewing denied and returned documents for renewal of  98 year old mothers ID card.
1450 woman of 85 Clackamas, 97266 Her phone has recently been shut off and she has been overpaying phone bills. Requesting an advocate to navigate phone bills with Century Link