Meet Up and Learn about the local Village concept!

Is there a village in your future?

Join us July 17th, to find out!
A Village is a group of like-minded people in a geographic area who come together to help each other age affordably in their own homes. It is a coordinated network of volunteer and service providers supporting access to needed services. Learn more about this neighborhood movement that benefits the whole community while supporting older adults age in place by joining us at our Meet Up.
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If you are interested in learning more about the Village Movement, join Elders in Action next Thursday, July 17th for a free presentation with Eastside Village PDX, 6:30pm, 5736 NE 33rd Ave., in the Community Meeting Room. This discussion will be hosted by

Chana Andler, Founder and Director of Villages NW.
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You will have to register, butit is quick and easy, and when you do, we will keep you posted about similar upcoming opportunities. Meet and learn interesting things with other curious and engaged humans.
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