Elders in Action History


Elders in Action brings 45 years of experience in aging and disability advocacy and service delivery to our community. We fulfill our mission to assure a vibrant community through the active involvement of older adults through four organizational programs: the Elders in Action Commission, Community Engagement, the Age Friendly Business Network and the Personal Advocate program. Each program engages and serves older adults by advocating for change on the policy level and, in the case of the Personal Advocacy program, on the personal level, having a positive effect in the lives of seniors every day. Local government, non-profit and community agencies refer to us because of the uniqueness of our program and the value our volunteers bring to providing one-to-one services to older adults. Our volunteers fill a gap in services by providing an older adult in need with a volunteer who can visit them in their home and take the time to listen.


Elders in Action is a important name in the tri-county area. In fiscal year 2012-2013, our 160 volunteers donated 11,042 hours of service while assisting 2,251 individuals through our Personal Advocate program and educating 6,238 tri-county area residents through our community engagement.



While no other agency does exactly what we do, we coordinate our work with a broad range of partner agencies. Local government, non-profit and community agencies refer people to us for assistance because of our superior track record of problem solving, quick response, and follow through.  Elders in Action is a trusted name in the tri-county area. We mutually refer and have strong alliances with organizations such as:  Northwest Pilot Project, Urban League, Impact Northwest, Friendly House, Neighborhood House, Hollywood Senior Center, Native American Youth and Family Services, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, Legal Aid Services, Meals on Wheels, Portland Police/Elder Crimes Unit, City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement, AARP, YWCA, Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services, Washington County Disability, Aging and Veteran’s Services, and Clackamas County Social Services.