Personal Advocates Change Lives Every Day…and so Can You!

Jon Springer, Aldine King, Will Fuller post-team meetingThe Personal Advocate is the volunteer who works with an older adult facing a difficulty in their life, and helps them with the next steps to deal with the issue. This is a relationship that engages and empowers those individuals who call Elders in Action when they don’t know what else to do. In many ways, the Personal Advocate program is the heart of Elders in Action. One dictionary definition describes the heart as the vital center and source and a capacity for sympathy or generosity; compassion. This perfectly describes our Personal Advocate volunteers!

Every year EiA volunteers are there to help older adults with situations like these:

  • assistance setting a budget, and finding resources in the area after recently being laid off and moving.
  • support to ensure all the required steps are being taken to avoid foreclosure. help closing a son’s bank account and cancelling his social security following the son’s recent death.
  •  help terminating a bank card that a grandson accessed without permission and to make sure no other abuse is happening.
  • assistance sorting out husband’s life insurance policy when the company is not responding.
  • help in obtaining a restraining order for a caregiver who lives with him and is threatening.
  • request for help in determining what benefits or resources might be available.