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Elders in Action’s Civic Involvement Program is a multi-faceted, multi-cultural, inter-generational program working to engage, empower and elevate the role of elders in both political and non-political processes.   We believe in building meaningful partnerships, leadership development and providing a platform for elders to share their concerns.  We connect elders to different advocacy groups, fully engage and educate in the issues that affect them, and encourage them to have an active civic life. We engage, organize and empower elders through:

Education and Outreach

  • Conduct annual Civics 101 trainings
  • Coordinate outreach to non-English speaking communities regarding older adult services and programs
  • Educate older adults about programs such as the Portland Arts Tax exemption and Ride Connection


  • Coordinate advocacy efforts at the local, regional and state level
  • Facilitate testimony by older adults at City, County and State hearings on issues impacting older adults
  • Works with partner organizations and coalitions on advocacy efforts in areas such as affordable housing, accessible and affordable transportation, and elder abuse


JoAnn Herrigel, Staff Liaison, at 503-235-5474.