Civics 101 

Last year’s Civics 101 series was an enormous success and this year’s will explore new jurisdictions. This year, EIA is also partnering with AARP Oregon. 

Do you want to be more involved with your city, county and state government and community? CIVICS 101 is for you!

  • Session #1 Inside the City of Beaverton – Tuesday, March 19th, 1-3pm
  • Session #2 Inside the City of Portland – Tuesday, March 26th, 1-3pm
  • Session #3 Inside Washington County – Tuesday, April 2nd, 1-3pm
  • Session #4 Metro Regional Government – Monday, April 8th, 1-3pm
  • Session #5 Advocacy Forum, Tuesday, April 16h, 1-3pm

We invite you to participate in our 5-session training series to learn about the structure and operation of various levels of government, engage with elected officials and advocate for the causes you believe in.

In this series we will:

  • Learn the basic elements of our local political system
  • Have personal conversations with elected officials
  • Visit city, county and regional government offices
  • Become advocates for issues of concern to older adults

For more information and registration contact: (503) 595-7530 or 

Flyer with full information details here: CIVICS 101 Flyer 2019